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School Social Work (Specialist Service)

School School social work is a specialised social work practice that works in partnership with school systems. It enables students to derive optimal benefit from their educational experience. Students Care Service has been delivering school social work service since its inception in 1976.

School social work includes direct and indirect interventions, service delivery as well as influencing systems at different levels. Our programme in schools builds and strengthens the social and emotional resilience of students, especially students at-risk.

In recognition of our specialised knowledge and expertise, Students Care Service was appointed the Centre of Specialisation in School Social Work by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in July 2008. “School Social Work: A Guide to Programme Planning and Evaluation” was published by Students Care Service under this framework to share its expertise with other VWOs and enhance the capability in school social work practice.


For more information on our programmes and services, please contact any of our centres.

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