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Students Care Service embraces the culture of documenting practice and sharing expertise. We have seven publications available on sale to the public.

To purchase the following publications, please contact the centre of your convenience.

School Social Work: A Guide to Programme Planning and Evaluation

Selling price – S$15 per copy

Published in partnership with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), this book provides a comprehensive guide to the process of planning and evaluating programmes.

It aims to enhance social work practitioner's credibility and professionalism in the schools.

The Practice of Group Work: Tips on Starting a Group

Selling price – S$2 per copy

This handy guide discusses essential components for planning and starting group work.

These components include important considerations in group planning, guidelines on proposal writing, selection interview and focus group discussions, pre-session planning, group work debrief and useful group work resources.

group work booklet cover

Apart or A Part: The Social Worker's Multiple Journeys
Selling price - S$10 per copy

This is a collection of seven short articles reflecting the dilemmas of social workers who journey with their student-clients through life’s challenges.

The book inspires and challenges local practitioners and teachers to better serve students.

Raising Your Family EQ

Selling price - S$15 per copy

This book facilitates open and effective communication between parents and children. It comprises a collection of 52 engaging stories depicting normal situations that children aged 6 to 12 years would encounter.

Each story comes with a series of activities for parents and children: Tale, Talk, Think and Task (the 4 Ts). Parents can use the book to impart values and raise their family EQ.

raising your family eq front cover

The SMP Handbook on Mentoring: Friendship, Support and Guidance

Selling price - S$10 per copy

This is a handbook for the Student Mentorship Programme and is written to assist mentors on how they can develop friendship with mentees, including ideas and fun activities to engage, support and guide them, plus tips on how to listen and how to facilitate thinking.

It also contains some reflections from mentors.

smp handbook cover v8

A Hand to Hold

Selling price – S$10 per copy

This collection of nine real-life accounts of children with special needs, describes their feelings, difficulties and courage to sustain a regular school life. It reflects their dreams to make friends, to cope with school work, and to contribute to others.

Each story comes with helpful advice from educational psychologists for teachers, parents and pupils who deal with the different groups of special children. Written in both Chinese and English, the book will help public better understand and appreciate these children.

ahth front cover

Systemic Practice in School Social Work

Selling price – S$12 per copy

This book examines issues and problems confronting students and outlines the programmes that help them maximise their full potential and forge strong partnerships with families and schools.

This is Students Care Service's first professional publication documenting our own experiences and programmes.

systemic practice in school social work front cover

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