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Seminars & Conferences

We organise seminars, conferences, workshops to bring together fellow professionals and practitioners. We create a platform to network, exchange and learn from one another.

Seminars and conferences organised by Students Care Service include:

“Reaching Greater Heights” in 2001
“Voices and Choices”, a students’ seminar, in 2002
“Working with Students – A Systemic Approach” in 2003
“Youth Mentoring Convention: The Promise of Mentoring” in 2004
“International Conference on Inclusive Education: The School as a Caring Community” in 2005
“Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Helping Youth Pursue Excellence” in 2006
“Helping Self-Mutilating Clients” workshop in 2007
“Discovering the Rhythm in You: A Professional Seminar on the Practice of Group Work” in 2008
“Engaging Youths to Succeed in Schools” in 2010, co-organised and presented with National Youth Council's ASEAN+3 seminar on Urban Youth Work IV

For more information on our programmes and services, please contact any of our centres.

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